50mm    x  3.6m (2" x 12´) RAP 122
75mm    x  3.6m (3" x 12´) RAP 123
100mm  x  3.6m (4" x 12´) RAP 124
100mm  x  4.8m (4" x 16´) RAP 164
100mm  x  9.0m (4" x 30´) RAP 304


1. Catalyst Water
2. Resin make-up Polyurethane
3. Heat resistance 150C
4. Bonds Copper pipe, PVC, Polypipe, metal & fibreglass
5. Sets 20-30 minutes, sets underwater
6. Chemical fuels and oil resistant Most diluted chemicals and fuels
7. Strength Internal pressure up to 2500k.p.a
8. Pressure 360 psi


1. Ethyl Alcohol No visible change. No softening of bandage.
2. MEK Moderate discolouration. No softeing of bandage.
3. Acetone No visible change. No softening of bandage.
4. Hydrochloric Acid 30% Severe discolouration (bandage turned deep yellow-green) No softening of bandage.
5. Toluene No visible change. No softening of bandage.
6. Gasoline No visible change. No softening of bandage.
7. Diesel Fuel Slight colour change. No softening of bandage.
8. Sulpheric Acid 92% Severe discolouration. No softening of bandage.
9. Caustic Soda 50% Slight colour change. No softening of bandage.


Product Name
Intended Uses
Rapp-it is a quick emergency action pipe repair system that stops leaks instantly.
Knitted fibreglass substrate coated with a polyurethane prepolymer resin. Prior to activation, the resin contains approximately 7% of a flow velocity monomeric diphenylmethane-di-isocyanate (M.D.I.)
Physical & Chemical Properties
When activated by water, the resin crosslinks to give a rigid material releasing carbon dioxide in small amounts. A small exotherm is evident when recommended water temperatures are used.
Health Hazards
At temperatures higher than recommended (greater than 50 degrees Celsius), M.D.I. fumes may be generated (M.E.L. 0.02mg m-9 8hr T.W.A.). Short term effects of exposures above the M.E.L. include breathing difficulties and sensitisation. This section refers to the pre-activated stage of the resin prepolymer, not the rigid polymerised resin structure. It is recommended that the resin system (and bandage) is activated with water of 21 degrees Celsius for optimal results. If the bandage is activated at water above 50 degrees Celsius, then part of the resin system may be liberated in the form of MDI fumes. It is suggested that at 21 degrees Celsius the MDI will not be liberated. The unset resin is potentially irritant in direct contact with the skin. Removal of bandages using oscillating saws causes potentially irritant dust to be generated into the atmosphere.
Fire Hazard & Emergency Action
The product is a combustible solid which gives off toxic fumes, mainly carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and with a possibility of hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxides (dependent upon combustion conditions), when ignited. In cases of fire, any standard fire extinguisher may be used; wear self contained breathing apparatus.
Storage Precautions
Store in a cool dry place.
Not applicable
Gloves should be worn to prevent skin contact with unset resin. Dust masks or an effective vacuum system should be used when using oscillating saws for bandage removal.
Handling/Use/Protective Clothing
The use of shears offers an effective method of bandage removal without dust generation. Controlled incineration/landfill according to local environment health guidelines.
Disposal/First Aid
a) Inhalation - seek medical aid
b) Contact with skin - wash with soapy water
c) Contact with eyes - irrigate well with clean water. Seek medical aid
d) Ingestion - do not induce vomiting. Seek medical aid.



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