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Rapp-It is a quick action emergency pipe repair system that stops leaks instantly.
Fix leaks fast in 30 minutes.

It is so simple to use, with no mixing or measuring required. Rapp-It has woven fibreglass substrate impregnated with a water activated polyurethane resin.

Major industries such as the mining, industrial, marine and agricultural environments are specific markets and areas of use for Rapp-It products.

Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandage



Rapp-Its ability to perform effectively in emergency situations greatly reduces costly downtime and production loss, and because of the products ease of use, it can be applied by practically any apprentice applicator.

Because Rapp-It can produce a successful repair within 30 minutes, it should be made available to all maintenance staff within your industry.


Rapp-It is simple to use and requires very little preparation.

Identify leak area and shut down relevant pipe or hoses immediately.If pipe cannot be shut down turn pressure as low as possible.

Rapp-it procedure Clean and roughen the damaged area of the pipe with a metal file or wire brush. A clean roughened surface helps result in a successful repair.
Open and knead Rapp-it Steel Putty until it is a uniform grey colour.
Apply to the pipe leak site within two minutes of mixing, forcing it into any cracks or holes.
Open foil pouch and immerse Rapp-it Bandage in temperate water for 15-20 seconds, squeeze the bandage to allow water soak in evenly.
Apply Rapp-it Bandage immediately around the damaged pipe area extending up to 50mm (2”) either side of the leak. It is important to apply the bandage before the putty is cured.
When wrapping, pull each layer tightly and firmly, using your hand to mould and squeeze the layers together in a tightening motion. Continue to apply pressure during application and upon completion.
> The tightness of the wrap is very important to ensure adhesion of Rapp-it Bandage and Rapp-it Steel Putty to the pipe surface.
> Rapp-it Bandage has a 4-5 minute work life, with full cure in 30 minutes. Water temperature can affect the bandage cure time. Colder water can result in a slower curing time, higher water temperatures can result in a faster cure time.
> Rapp-it Steel Putty has a 4-7 minute work life, with full cure in 30 minutes.
> Rapp-it Steel Putty can be mixed by hand and then moulded into a variety of shapes to fill cracks and holes. When applying to damp, wet or slowly leaking areas work Rapp-it Steel Putty forcefully into the surface and apply pressure until adhesion begins to take effect.
> Difficult or large applications may require multiple bandages.

Please refer to Rapp-It instructions for use on each package for the problem and solution guide.


Rapp-It is available in 5 convenient sizes:

50mm    x  3.6m (2" x 12´) RAP 122
75mm    x  3.6m (3" x 12´) RAP 123
100mm  x  3.6m (4" x 12´) RAP 124
100mm  x  4.8m (4" x 16´) RAP 164
100mm  x  9.0m (4" x 30´) RAP 304

It is important that you choose the correct size for your application.


Rapp-It is chemically resistant to most chemicals including harsh solvents such as MEK, hydrochloric acid and gasoline etc. with no softening of the bandage. Its heat resistance is 150 degrees Celsius anything over this temperature could cause toxic fumes.


Rapp-It has been successful in petrochemical, general manufacturing, food and chemical processing. The marine industries; from small fishing craft through to container shipping vessels within their boiler and engine rooms.

A leaking pipe could threaten to shut down your entire operations, which could cost thousands of dollars in downtime, so it pays to cover yourself and your company by keeping a packet or two of Rapp-It on hand.


Pipe Material:  2” Carbon Steel Pipe
Pipe Medium:    Waste Water
Pipe Pressure:  350 psi
Temperature:     45ºC
Pipe Length:     20 meters

The waste water pipe had corrosion, mainly at the welding joints on all branch pipes, but also the general surface was largely pitted. The customer  required a cost-effective and permanent pipe repair that can withstand the 350 psi operating pressure.

Rapp-it corrosion repair system and Rapp-it steel putty was used together to perform pipeline repair and rehabilitation in this project. First, Rapp-it steel putty  was applied to built up and seal the pitted area, then Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandage was applied to the pipe for reinforcement, constituting a permanent repair.



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